In 1948 Hans Sato Christiani opened up his business in Cologne in Germany, where he produced and sold pumps and electrical appliances. For the next 60 years, the Christiani family business came to specialize in environmentally friendly technologies. Three generations later, CWT is still a family-run business operating from its new headquarters in the German capital Berlin. All products are engineered and manufactured in Germany, which guarantees the best possible quality with a long tradition of producing the finest eco-friendly systems.

CWT takes great pride in the fact that all products are made in Germany. Products are sold in over 35 countries around the globe. They’re shipped directly from the headquarters in Berlin. The global network of CWT distributors will find the best solutions for your needs competently and efficiently.

Vulcan against scale and rust.

Hard water contains a high concentration of scale. While not harmful for human health, hard water causes extensive damage to piping systems and electrical appliances. Mineral and scale deposits on kitchen, bathroom or other surfaces are often the first visible signs of limescale in the water.

Extensive and costly cleaning is required to control the build-up of these mineral deposits. For commercial sectors such as the hotel industry the costs of removing scale deposits from bathrooms and kitchens can quickly become a major expense for your business. Scale deposits can cause damage to electrical appliances and equipment.

This happens when calcium and mineral-rich water comes into contact with appliances and electrical equipment. Hard water will have this effect whether in private homes, larger buildings, or commercial or industrial facilities. The biggest problem with scale is its invisibility as hard water can destroy entire piping systems before anyone notices a problem. Clogged piping systems will ultimately lose their ability to carry water and will need to be replaced.

One millimetre of scaling crustacean alone takes away 10 percent of heating efficiency. Considering today’s energy costs it’s easy to calculate how much money literally goes down the drain. However there is a very simple solution to the scale problem.

The eco-friendly Vulcan system by CWT. Vulcan uses a technology that’s been successfully applied in commercial and industrial settings for over 20 years. In its normal state scale crystals form in complex structures and stick together. Vulcan uses high-frequency impulses that change the crystal form of the scale to a simple structure scale loses its ability to stick and no longer forms deposits. It simply washed away with the water the natural crystallization process builds up scale deposits which are simultaneously taken away by carbonic acid in the water.

Usually scale builds up faster than the carbonic acid removes it. The Vulcan system changes the balance of scale and carbonic acid and thereby removes existing deposits more quickly than they build up. A metal carbonic protective layer protects this way the piping system gets cleaned and all metal pipes.

Vulcan system can be installed in minutes. First you pace the unit on the main pipe or wall then wind the two impulse cables around the pipe. After that all you need to do is plug the power cord into the electrical outlet. Vulcan works on all pipe materials. It doesn’t require any chemicals or salt and therefore helps the environment. Healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium remain in your drinking water. Vulcan is German engineered to the highest standards and has been recognized by globally renowned institutions for its quality and safety. The Vulcan impulse technology has been used successfully for many years in commercial and industrial applications.

The system is available in different sizes for pipes ranging from 1 to 20 inches in diameter. Vulcan stops scaling on surfaces, and in all appliances, it even cleans your piping system and protects all metal pipes with a metal carbonate layer. You save on cleaning effort and washing detergents you’ll also reduce costs for your equipment repair and maintenance. Vulcan saves money by increasing manufacturing productivity, eliminating the need to interrupted production or replacing encrusted pipes.

Vulcan is your eco-friendly solution against scale and rust CWT a German family business that for over 60 years has stood for quality and innovation CWT water as it should be