The eco-friendly anti-scale system for commercial applications

Commercial applications goes through a large quantity of water on a daily basis. Restaurants need water for food preparation, such as drinking water and in the kitchen. Furthermore, facility services, swimming pools, heating or cooling tower operations are just a few examples how the commercial area utilize water.

The Commercial Line units treat pipe diameters up to 6″ and have been designed to perfectly meet the requirements of small and large commercial facilities. These programmable units allow for individual adjustment according to the materials and diameters of the pipes.

Hospitality – hotels, restaurants, cafés

The hospitality industry processes large amounts of water on a daily basis. Laundry service, cleaning and food preparation are just a few ways hotels and restaurants use water. Vulcan not only protects the piping system but maximizes the use of water and reduces cleaning expenses – all with an eco-friendly technology.

Condominiums & Large Buildings

Vulcan protects the piping system in the whole building. It cleans old pipes and protects water heater, heating systems, washing machines; and bathroom fittings are protected: filters, shower nozzles and shower heads stay clean longer. You save on maintenance costs and repairs.

Agriculture: Plants, Livestock, Machinery

Vulcan keeps pipes free of scale deposits, protects fine nozzles used for irrigation, and keeps the natural mineral-rich composition of the water. It reduces or eliminates bacterial growth. Vulcan also has a positive effect on water for lifestock and plants as they will absorb and process the water better.

Medical – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residences

Hospitals, nursing homes or health care facilities all use a large quantity of water on a daily basis. Traditional salt-based water softeners produce sodium-rich water which is not recommended for elderly guests and patients. Vulcan protects the piping system and appliances while keeping the original, healthy composition of the water.

Built in Germany

  • Manufactured by Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH (CWT) Berlin
  • Over 30 years experience in physical water treatment
  • More than 150,000 satisfied customers world-wide
  • 10 Year maintenance-free warranty
  • Deployed in more than 40 countries

Vulcan Benefits:

  • Maximum working life of machinery
  • Less time and effort spent on cleaning
  • Easier grease trap handling
  • Reduction of maintenance
  • Food and beverages keep their natural taste
  • Improved performance of kitchen equipment
  • More reliable water supply in sanitary facilities
  • More efficient use of energy for heating water