Save Money with Vulcan in Residential Use

How can Vulcan save money around your home?

  • No salt or chemicals
  • Vulcan reduces already existing deposits
  • Vulcan helps to protect washing machines, dishwashers etc.
  • Vulcan helps to protect water heaters, heating systems etc.
  • Savings in maintenance costs and repairs
  • Filters, shower heads, fixtures and tiles stay clean longer
  • Vulcan saves on detergents, additives and fabric softeners


Increase the efficiency of your heating system

When water is heated in a water heater or with a tank-less water heater, hard water always leads to deposits on the heating elements. This layer inevitably causes a great reduction in the capability of the heat to transfer.

A scale deposit of only 2 mm (~0.078 inches) can lead to an energy loss of more than 15 %. The increase in heating time leads to a tremendous rise in your power consumption.

Protection for your solar water heating

The energy savings you took into consideration when purchasing a solar water heater may be drastically reduced due to scale deposits. Here, a scale layer of only 1 mm (~0.04 inches) will result in a decrease of efficiency of up to 40 %. With Vulcan you save on energy, cleaning and repairs.

This loss has to be compensated with regular fossil fuels or electric power and much of the savings you were planning to achieve will be obsolete.

Savings in installation costs

Vulcan saves you installation costs. Most water treatments need to be built in the piping system and therefore require a professional plumber to do the installation. Vulcan is installed without any tools, within only a few minutes by yourself. You save money as you do not need to hire anyone.

Throw out those expensive water softeners

Running a water softener is a costly measure. Large amounts of salt are needed to operate the system. On average, a homeowner faces expenses of 100 – 200 EUR (USD 100-200) per year in salt alone. Needless to say, nobody likes carrying around bags of salt.

Furthermore, 115-300 l (30-80 gallons) of water are wasted each time the softener granule has to be washed. Malfunctions and repairs are likely with a built-in system. These can easily add up to hundreds of dollars in repair costs.
► Possible annual savings: USD $330

Efficiency calculation for your private home

Example of savings potential in an average home with 4 people*

Annual savings potential in USD
1 Savings in energy (e.g. 1mm of scale deposits = 15% more energy consumption) e.g.: 1 500 Euro of energy costs p.a. ~430.00
2 De-scaling of water heater every two years by a specialist at 150 Euro/ average ~95.00
3 Savings of up to 50% on laundry detergent (e.g. 9 Euro/month) at a saving rate of 30% ~40.00
4 Savings on softeners for your washing machine ~13.00
5 Minimal use of salt for your dishwasher ~13.00
6 Savings on aggressive cleaning agents ~20.00
7 Savings on shampoo, soap or expensive skin care products ~26.00
8 Less time spent cleaning your house, 10 min/week (e.g. cleaning costs at 8 Euro/h) ~93.00
9 Longer life span of all appliances and pipes (washing machine, coffee machine, iron, water heater, etc.) ~335.00
Typical annual savings ~980.00

*The actual savings may vary due to the exact degree of water hardness.