Oz V’hedva Women Spa

King Abdul Aziz Sports City Stadium

Holiday House – Casa del Lobo

ICL Chemical Factory

Starcastle Xiangshan Nursing Home

Society Real Estate VOLTIGE (Condominium)

Prince Pipes And Fittings

Hotel Es Lloquet – The Secret Place

Science Park Office Building

Dubai Municipality Irrigation Project

Laiyuan Lakeside Hotel

King Salman Hospital

TopTex Textile Factory (Test Report)

Avril Supermarket

IGA Extra Famille Girard Supermarket

Techwell Biopharmaceutical

Parfait Wenhua Apartment

Sinoway Carbon

Hejiashan Cement

Yongxing Chemical Industry

Sea Link Die Casting (Kunshan)

Jiangsu Noon Crop Science

Huadu Residential Building

Xingda Chemical Fiber

Shengtong Valve Manufacturer

Hongfeng Hotel

Mineral Water Plant MARWA

Orient Palace Hotel

Kunming Cigarette Factory

Dormitory in Beijing Olympic Park

Residence Building Le Nobilis in Quebec

Covemex Frozen Vegetables

Burnbrae Egg Farm

InterContinental Hotel & Resort

Vulcan Effect in the Bread Oven

Residential House in Dudingen

Hotel Amir Palace

Physiological Institute – University of Munich

Steinbeis Institute (Scientific Study)

Siemens Circuit Board Factory

Nivon Camping

Meridian Spa

Hans Krempl Building Services

Design Hotel Q!

Hotel Mercure

Hotel Cadolzburg

Häcker Gelatine Production

Gegenbauer Facility Management

Flower Shop Kamm

Food Processing Plant (Delicatessen)

Pastry Factory

PPE Condominium in Colombier – Test Report

Exhibition Center Cologne

Evangelic Hospital Gladbach

Eberswalder Sausage Production

Dynamit Nobel (chemical and defence company)

Animal Farm (Cows, Pigs, Turkeys)

Sarthe Habitat Facility Management